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One Day Mental Health Webinar

"Understanding Your Prescription"

One-Day Mental Health Webinar
Thursday 10th November 2022

We are passionate about raising awareness and removing the stigma associated with mental health. Therefore, to ensure our events are fully inclusive and available to everyone they are free to register & attend.


Medication in Mental Health 2022 will take a closer look at some of the most commonly prescribed medications used to treat mental health. We will hear from our panel of mental health experts about how and why they are prescribed. We we will also hear from our guest speakers who bravely share their journey and lived experiences with medication for their mental health.

So if you, a family member, friend or colleague is taking medication for their mental health and you want to be better informed and understand more about it, then join us and be part of the conversation. Learn more, understand your prescription better and take this opportunity to ask your questions in the Q&A sessions.

We will be addressing the following topics -
• Top 10 prescribed drugs
• What do they treat
• Side Effects
• Duration
• Alternative options
• Take back control / Acceptance
• Addiction
• How to safely come off – or not
• Lived Experiences