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Year 1

Welcome to year 1!

1A - Miss Harper   1B - Miss Hook

Year 1 2019 - 2020

Spring Term

Our theme during the Spring term is 'Changes within Living Memory'. Please view our work plan and knowledge overviews to find out more.

Litter Picking

Year 1 have been busy cleaning up our local community. We want to ensure all children in Sparkhill have a clean and safe environment to enjoy. In our science lessons, we have been learning about the effect plastic has on our environment. We are trying hard to use less plastic and consume responsibly.

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Autumn Term 
Our theme during the Autumn term is 'Carnival of Animals'. Please view our work plan to find out more. 

Animal in Hands

Year 1 were visited by Animals in Hands. We got to hold and stroke lots of different animals from around the world. We learned about their habitats, what they eat and how they adapt to their surroundings. 

Science - Seasonal Changes

Year 1 have been learning about seasonal changes. We visited the park to observe and explore seasonal changes during autumn.

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We designed and made our own fantastic animal puppets!

Our Visit from the NSPCC

We had a visit from the NSPCC's Speak Out Stay Safe programme. With the help of their friendly mascot, Buddy, we learned how to keep ourselves safe from harm and how to get help if we have any worries. We all have the right to speak out and stay safe!

Article 19 - You have the right to not be hurt or mistreated. 


Year 1 2018 -19

Year 1 Visit to Twycross Zoo September 2018

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