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National Smile Month

This year’s campaign runs between 16 May and 16 June 2022 and the theme is “everyone deserves a healthy smile”. Here in Birmingham, the most recent data shows the incidence of dental decay in children under 5 is higher than the national average and the West Midlands region:

·       Birmingham (29%)

·       West Midlands Region (23%)

·       England (23%)



This is despite the fact Birmingham’s water is fluoridated and tooth decay is preventable.  Startwell promotes good oral health through our character Smiley Shen who encourages us to keep our teeth clean and healthy.  He tells us that even our first set of teeth, our ‘milk teeth’, are important as children use these to learn to eat, chew and speak, plus they are making the spaces for our adult teeth. To find out more about Smiley Shen, check out their website page Smiley Shen - Startwell_2020 (

 For further information visit the National Smile Month website.

National Smile Month

Smiley Shen