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Year 6

Year 6 2020 - 2021

6A Class Teacher: Miss McGeever

6B Class Teacher: Mr Fowler


Hello, Year 6!

We would like to welcome you back to school! It is lovely to have everyone together again. We can finally enjoy our English Martyrs' community once more.


Below, you will find attached our work plan for the Autumn term. You will also find knowledge organisers for our Science topics: 'Electricity' and 'Evolution and Inheritance' and the knowledge organiser for this term's theme: Evolving Britain. 


If another lockdown occurs or during periods of isolation, please check this page for updates- messages and activities. 


Thank you 


Miss McGeever and Mr Fowler

Please check this part of the Year 6 page for frequent updates during periods of isolation!


Hello Year 6,


It would seem we have to spend a little bit of time apart again but we will be back together in no time. 


During your time off, you must complete the activities provided. Also, check Purple Mash for new activities assigned by your teacher and keep on using TTRockstars to improve the speed that you recall times tables. You must also read your home reading book each day still. We will expect to see all reading diaries signed and the page numbers that you have read each day noted. You should be reading for at least 20-30 minutes daily.


Keep Safe! See you all soon!


         Homework tasks for the week beginning 14.09.2020. Please see below-

Purple Mash Computing

We deliver our computing curriculum through a resource called Purple Mash. Your children can access their purple mash accounts from home, enabling them to access a variety of activities and resources to help them continue to develop their computing skills. To access Purple Mash, please use the link below.

               Year 6 Photo Gallery 2020-21 

Our first week back - Great British Biscuits

Year 6 spent our first week of school designing and learning to bake biscuits. First we surveyed both classes to find out what our favourite biscuits are (custard creams and jaffa cakes); we learned and wrote recipes for both these biscuits, and designed our own to celebrate our Evolving Britain topic.