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Year 3

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Enjoy viewing and reading about all the exciting learning that takes place in Year 3.

Our Workplans

Trip to BMAG - Children were part of a mummification process and were given opportunity to do Egyptian Art.


Challenge Day

Over the course of the day, 3A work in teams to design a brand new sport. It promoted a sense of community, as each group represented in the Olympics-style Opening Ceremony.

 We looked at current, popular sports, the children developed an understanding of how surfaces, equipment and people affect gameplay. 

Throughout the day, the children considered how sports does not only challenge a player’s physical ability but can also put their enterprise skills to the test.


What skills did you develop?

Elizabeth: I used my 'teamwork' skill by working alongside my group to create a new sport. 

Muayad: I used my 'sharing ideas' skill by discussing with my group- how does sport  not only challenge a player's physical ability?

Enabling Enterprise

Year 3 Advent Mass

Health Caravan visits Year 3

The Sacraments


Please pray for us as we receive the Sacrament of Reconciliation and the Holy Eucharist this year.


Elizabeth Onikute (3A)

Esther Onikute (3B)

Paula Annan (3A)



Parents Meeting (Preparation of the Sacraments) - Monday 11th February 2019 (3:30- 4:00pm) 


Sacrament of Reconciliation- Tuesday 12th March 2019. (10am)


Holy Communion Mass- Sunday 19th May 2019   (10am) 

Holy Communion Retreat Day

This Half Term we will focusing on the virtues 'Learned and Wise'.


Learned: learning how God wants us to live our lives Whether we are young or old, we should never stop learning about what God wants of us. We learn many new things each day. By reading the Bible, listening to our teachers and listening to our hearts, we learn more of what God wants.


Wise: knowing how God wants us to live our lives and putting it into practice. God is always with us and hoping that we will live our lives in the right way, following the teachings of Jesus.



Grant, gentle Father, that your Spirit may give us the will and the courage to act to make a difference, in order to make real your kingdom among us, so that we may we all live together in peace, truth, justice and love, sharing the resources of the earth. Amen 

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