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As a learning community centred in Christ, we walk hand in hand with God on our journey in faith.

Digital Down Day

On Monday 27th March, we held a 'Digital Down Day' to support our work towards the Live Simply Award and to try and reduce our devastating impact on God's precious creation.


What did we do?


  • The children of English Martyrs' were invited leave their cars at home and to run, walk, scoot, cycle or skip to school! We were amazed to see so many families taking part in this!
  • All of the lights/computers were switched off for the first hour of our school day.
  • Mrs Harper held her assembly with no technology or lights!
  • The electronic morning school bell was switched off.
  • We encouraged our families to switch off their technology at home for 1 hour and to use this time to enjoy each other's company.



Our children came up with some fantastic ideas of things that you can do during digital down time...


Thank you to all of our families for supporting us in our Digital Down Day. By switching off for just 1 hour, you have really made a difference in protecting our precious planet for generations to come.


We walked, cycled, scooted and skipped to school!