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As a learning community centred in Christ, we walk hand in hand with God on our journey in faith.

Our work towards the PFS Objectives 2020/21

Objective 1: Form an Action Group


Meet our 'Plastic Free Action Group.' These children will play a very important role in ensuring that we meet all of the objectives required towards to become a Plastic Free School.



Objective 2: Conduct a 'Trash Mob'


We held a quick fire clean-up of our local area to identify the sources of litter.



Objective 3: Challenging Government


We wrote to our local MP Mr Tahir Ali to raise with him the issue of littering and inadequate waste disposal facilities in the Sparkhill area. 


This was his response...

Objective 4: Challenging Industry


As a result of our 'Trash Mob' findings, we selected a number of brands to contact. We wrote letters to Coca Cola, Mountain Dew and Walkers to ask them to reduce their use of plastic packaging. We will await their response.


** Coca Cola **


** Mountain Dew **


** Walkers **

Objective 5: Challenging Yourselves


We have eliminated the following three plastics from our school, for good.


*Single-use water bottles*

*Laminated displays*

*Black bin bags*