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As a learning community centred in Christ, we walk hand in hand with God on our journey in faith.


How does our geography learning link to our faith?

As a school, we promote the academic social, moral, spiritual, religious and physical development of each and every child through the teaching of Catholic Social Teachings and UNICEF Rights and Responsibilities to ensure pupils have a secure understanding of shared values and grow to become highly skilled, cultured, educated global citizens, ready for the modern world. 

Its it the golden thread which runs through every curriculum area. 

Some explorers we learn about in geography at English Martyrs' school:

Learn more about Ibn Battuta by clicking on this link:


To learn more about Roald Amundsen click on the link below:


To learn more about James Cook click on the link below:

Where do we live?


We live in Sparkhill. This is an area in the city of Birmingham. The country we live in is called the United Kingdom.


The map below shows some features close to our school. Are there anymore places you recognise? 

Listen to these songs to help you learn about the world!

Seven Continents Song

Listen to the song to help you learn the seven continents!

Five Oceans Song

Watch the song below to help you learn the five oceans on Earth!

United Kingdom Song

Watch the song below to help you learn about the United Kingdom and the capital cities!