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Year 2

Welcome to Year 2

2A - Mr Evans and Miss Francis

2B - Miss Walkley, Mrs Smyth and Mrs Sewell


Home Learning Timetable

This week's spellings:


Practise your spellings in your spelling books.

Check what the word means and write them in a sentence.


Miss Walkley and Mr Evans's phonics group

Mrs Smyth, Mrs Sewell and Miss Francis's phonics groups


























Please click on the links below to help you with your phonics learning at home:


To play phonics games online please follow this link below and pick a phase to practise!


This week we are continuing our work on addition and subtraction. Follow the links below to watch the videos and complete the activities at home.


Monday – Addition within 20.


Tuesday – Subtraction within 20.


Wednesday - Compare and order numbers within 10 


Thursday - Number bonds to 10 and 20 


Friday - Adding together


This 100 square is a really good resource to use to help you when you are adding!






Thursday: Watch the video. Pause at each page and read the book by yourself.


Are there any words you don't understand? Make a list of them and find out the meaning. Once you have found the meaning of all the words read the book again. 

History – Monday afternoon

This half term, we are focusing on history. Our history topic is the Great Fire of London.

Watch the videos below explaining how the fire started and spread.

Once you have finished, read more about the Great Fire on the Newsround website below.

This is what historians do – they gather evidence from a range of sources!

If you need more information, see the PowerPoints below, including a timeline of the events.


Click on the link below to play a fun game based on the Fire of London!

R.E – Tuesday Afternoon

This term we are learning about parables. 

Parables are stories told by Jesus to help people understand God's messages better. 


Today we will be learning about the parable of The Prodigal Son (Luke 15:11-32)


What do you think was the message Jesus was trying to teach?

Listen to the words of the song and draw a picture that shows God forgiving us and how we should forgive others.

P.E – Wednesday afternoon.

Click on the link below to find out why it is so important that we stay healthy.


Do a Joe Wicks workout at home:

Art – Wednesday afternoon.

From the description below, draw a picture of what you think the Fire of London looked like. After you have drawn your picture, colour it in with the colours you think best fit the description.


The blazing fire raged through the streets of London destroying every home it touched. People were running and screaming, throwing their possessions into the River Thames. I could see chocking thick black smoke and bright orange flames. The strong, powerful wind made the flames look as though they were dancing on top of the buildings it was destroying.


Remember that The Great Fire of London happened in 1666.

Would the houses look the same as they do today?


Once you have drawn and coloured in your picture. Click the links below to look at some paintings of The Great Fire of London. 

Do they look like your picture? How are they the same? How are they different?


Jan Griffier 'Great Fire of London' A Dutch Golden Age painter.


Lieve Verschuier 'The Great Fire of London in 1666'


David Best 'London 1666, Replica of 17th Century London'


Painting by an unknown artist


'The Great Fire of London' by an unknown artist


Science - Thursday Afternoon. 

This week in science we are focusing on animals and their offspring. 

Watch this video below:


Important Notices

It is important your child reads and gets their Reading Journals signed every night. Your child's book will be changed once a week due to books having to be quarantined when returned.


PE is on a Wednesday. Please bring your child to school in their PE kit on this day.


Homework will be set every Friday. This is set online using the links below. Your child should have received their own log ins for each site. Please keep these safe as they will be needed throughout the year.



Children will be set homework online. Please check these websites every week and complete the set tasks. Your results will be forwarded to the teachers so they can check your progress.

Knowledge Organisers

Design and Technology knowledge organisers

Science knowledge organisers