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Year 1

World Book Day 2023!

Year 1 had a fantastic day celebrating World Book Day 2023! Thank you so much to all the children for coming in such superb outfits, we all learnt lots of new vocabulary which we can now use in our own writing. 

We started the day celebrating everyone's outfits by joining together as a whole school community for our 'Vocabulary Parade.' The children loved spotting their siblings, cousins and friends from other classes.

The next part of the morning was spent exploring the wonderful story, 'The Paper Dolls,' by Julia Donaldson. The children enjoying making some paper dolls of their very own, which hopefully didn't end up being snipped into hundreds of pieces like the ones in the story!

Before lunch, we took some time to reflect on some of the children's UN rights. We looked at Article 17- using books to allow children to access information, Article 29- providing good education and access to quality resources and books, and Article 31- giving all children the right to rest and play. We talked about how we can utilise these rights with our book corners in our classrooms. We all designed our 'dream' book corners, using lots of fairy lights, snuggly cushions and some great suggestions for new books we would like. We will be sharing these ideas with Mrs Harper to see if we can put our thoughts into action! 

After lunch we let our creative juices flow! Firstly, we listened to 'Supertato,' by Sue Hendra and then got to create our very own super vegetable! We had Super Carrot, Super Broccoli, Super Aubergine and Super Tomato to name just a few! 

Please take a look at both class photos to see just how fun our day was! 

Thank you, as always, for your support to help make this day such a success. Your children's costume, and donations of vegetables, made our day run perfectly! 


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We collected the following words....