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Recycling Champions

Upload your 'Recycling Advocate' pictures



Please upload pictures of your child in their 'Recycling Advocate' role.

As mentioned in the letter your child received, the two best recyclers will receive a special certificate at the end of each term!


Click here to upload your pictures.



Our Recycling Advocates Hard at Work! (Summer 2 Wk 2)

Our Recycling Advocates hard at work! (Summer 2 Wk 1)


Well done to this term's Recycling Superstars!

You have worked hard to reduce the amount of litter in your local area and as a result, you have helped to protect the environment for your future.

Great work!



★ Khadija and Hasnain 


★ Anthony 


★ Emma 


★ Rumaysa 



Our Recycling Advocates hard at work! (Week 5)

Our school Recycling Ambassadors hard at work!


English Martyrs' Recycling Champions


In order to reduce our waste, and increase our recycling, we have enrolled two children from each classroom to become 'Recycling Champions'. These children will be in charge of ensuring that all paper waste in their classroom is disposed of in the correct paper recycling bin and encouraging their teachers and friends to reduce the amount of paper that they use.


Each Friday, our two 'School Recycling Champions' will go around to each classroom to collect their paper waste, log the amount of waste they are producing (a good way to find out who is producing the most!) and then dispose of it in the paper and cardboard recycling bin outside of the school.

These children are a crucial element in helping our school to become more environmentally friendly and ties in perfectly with our vision of becoming a 'Gold Rights Respecting School'.


The power is in the voice and actions of our pupils.


School Recycling Ambassadors

Elias & Uzair



Class Recycling Champions

RA - Maya and Zayaan

RB - Miguel and Ramaysa

1A - Layaah and Oscar

2A - Alexia and Hasan

2B - Zahra and Sherbaz

3A - Esther and Naod

3B - Michelle and Rayhan

4A - Hasnain and Nayaab

4B - Ammar and Aqsa

5A - Elizabeth and Karolina

5B - Uzair and Sami

6A - Raheem and Minaal

6B - R'kye and Jazveer