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Science Overview

Mad Science Day 2019

We started our day with an assembly to set the 'DISCOVER and EXPLORE' scene and to reflect on our school VIRTUES and the GLOBAL GOALS...

EM Science Fair 2019

The Great Science Share June 2019

Birmingham City University

The Great Science Share - Pioneered in Manchester - Making a Difference  UK-Wide


This year we have had the honour of taking part in 'The Great Science Share' which is a national programme of events designed to inspire young people into Science and Engineering. This satellite science-fair-style event was held at the Nelson Mandela school and involved 6 other local schools. Our children represented English Martyrs' really well, especially when facilitating others to participate in their experiments. 

Every school was asked to come up with 2 investigations that they could set up and help others to explore...


Year 6's Question: Does a layer of fat really keep the cold out?


A messy, buttery experiment to prove the theory of blubber acting as insulation!


Year 4's Question: Can you put a skewer through a balloon without popping it?; Can you put a skewer through a water-filled bag without getting wet?


A super exciting challenge - not only was it fun to have a go at, but our children explained the science behind it articulately using all the right scientific vocabulary!  

Picture 1

After last year's sensational Mad Science Day and Fair, we decided that it had to be an annual event at English Martyrs'...

This year's theme: DISCOVER + EXPLORE linked perfectly with our school virtues of ACTIVE + CURIOUS

We are Polar Explorers!

We have been really fortunate to be involved in the Polar Explorer Programme launched by STEM Learning (Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics) which encourages and supports schools who are keen to raise aspirations and attainment in STEM subjects and aims to inspire the next generation of scientists and engineers. 


About the Polar Explorer programme

In 2014, the Government announced a £200 million investment for a new polar research ship. The RRS Sir David Attenborough will enable world-leading research in Antarctica and the Arctic for the next 25 years.


With funding from the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) STEM are using the build, launch and operation of RRS Sir David Attenborough to bring an exciting new context to the teaching of STEM subjects.


Schools will gain the support of a Polar Ambassador, a specially selected STEM professional, who will help to enrich the teaching of STEM subjects in primary schools.


Thank you to Dr Simon Sheriden (specialist in Space Science) - our STEM Ambassador - who has supported us this year during exciting Science events. 

Year 3's Polar Explorer Day with Simon - a REAL scientist and a STEM Ambassador

Year 3's Polar Explorer Day with Simon - a REAL scientist and a STEM Ambassador 1
Year 3's Polar Explorer Day with Simon - a REAL scientist and a STEM Ambassador 2
Year 3's Polar Explorer Day with Simon - a REAL scientist and a STEM Ambassador 3

Year 1 as Polar Explorers

Year 1 as Polar Explorers 1

Science Fair 2017 - Check out our stations...

Our trip to the BIG BANG Science Fair @ the NEC - 2017