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As a learning community centred in Christ, we walk hand in hand with God on our journey in faith.

We are Global Citizens!

At English Martyrs’ Catholic School, science is an exciting and engaging core subject and our curriculum is underpinned by the understanding that ‘We are ‘Global Citizens’ who commit to the 17 Global Goals set by the UN to be reached by 2030’. In addition, the curriculum ensures that children are clear about what rights they have and that staff, as duty bearers, are upholding these within science lessons. Pupils are given the right to access information from a range of sources in a safe way in order to enhance their science learning and the curriculum is inclusive in many ways: for example, pupils are free to share what they learn with others in a range of ways including by speech, drawing, writing etc… 


RRSA STRAND A and C: Through science lessons, pupils are aware of the human impact on the world around us and consider ways in which we can contribute towards the sustainable development of our local and global environments. A range of habitats are studied – including our common home, the planet Earth. Through this, we teach the impact of human activity on habitats (climate change/ pollution), the pupils engage in conversations/ debates and campaigns relating to the rights of children locally, and across the globe.  


RRSA STRAND B: When teaching about the human life cycle, development and puberty, we link this to the RHE curriculum and pupils are taught that relationships are positive and founded on dignity and a mutual respect for rights. Furthermore, pupils are taught about living a healthy lifestyle in order to develop in the best possible way: physically, mentally, socially, emotionally and spiritually.