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Upper KS2 Science Week

As part of their learning about how materials change (DISSOLVING), Y5 have enjoyed many activities:


  • In English, they followed a set of instructions to make Mayan hot chocolate - it was quite the concoction! Through this task, Y5 explored how chocolate chips melted, but cocoa powder dissolved. They also considered the temperature of the water used; pupils were able to use their maths skills to help with measuring amounts of water and dry ingredients.  
  • The Skittles experiment allowed Y5 pupils to make predictions about what would happen when they poured warm water over the sweets - having already taken part in the dissolving of sugar cubes investigations, they were required to use and apply their knowledge.
  • What happens when you place a stack of sugar cubes in a small pool of coloured water? Y5 found that the cubes absorbed the water and the sugar began to dissolve pretty quickly. However, there were ways to block the coloured liquid and stop it from travelling to the top of the stack - pupils used impermeable materials such as foil and plastic to save their stacks!
  • Pupils followed a fruit sundae recipe as they are learning about instructional writing. They measured out ingredients (a scientific skill) and read scales like pro mathematicians!