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Lower KS2 Science Week

To mark Science Week, Year 3 took part in a number of different activities. These activities made us think about how science is everywhere in our lives!

We are Engineers!

We wanted to see which materials were the strongest to build a strong and stable structure.

We used: spaghetti and marshmallows, midget gems and cocktail sticks and plasticine and paper straws.

Which materials were the strongest?

After testing to see which structure was the sturdiest (and didn't collapse), we concluded that midget gems and cocktail sticks were the winners!

On Thursday 17th March, as part of Science Week, Year 3 visited the Think Tank Museum in Birmingham City Centre. We had lots fun exploring the museum and taking part in the different experiments!

We have just started learning about light as part of our new science topic. We found out lots of cool facts about light that we never knew!

We learnt that opaque objects create shadows and these are not always black! 

We even made made our own shadow puppet show!

Gases All Around Us!

We know that humans breathe in oxygen and breathe out carbon dioxide! We learnt that different gases react differently.

Stone Age to Iron Age Britain - Rocks and Soils

We reflected on our learning from the Autumn term when we learnt that Mary Anning, a famous paleontologist, discovered the first icthyosaurus. We saw some fossils in the museum. We also spotted some creatures from the prehistoric era: The Stone Age, Iron Age and Bronze Age!

Local History

We are currently learning about the Second World War and the history of our local area. We spotted a real Spitfire plane that was used to train pilots during World War II. We looked at different inventions and engineers from the West Midlands.