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Year 5



Refugee Week 2021

'We Cannot Walk Alone'


The challenges of the past year have exposed the deep inequalities between us, including in housing, income and access to healthcare. But the crisis has also shown how interconnected we are - that the wellbeing of each of us depends on the welfare, safety and hard work of others. We are part of a shared 'us'.


This year's theme: 'We Cannot Walk Alone', is an invitation to extend your hand to someone new. Someone who is outside your current circle, has had an experience you haven't, or is fighting for a cause you aren't yet involved in.


Once again, this year we will join the cause to make Refugee Week 2021 a bold, collective act of reaching out; a space for us all to listen, to exchange and connect. To find out what we can learn from each other, and what we can build together.


Year 5 have used this week to learn, empathise, reflect and build on how it feels to be a refugee.

We started the week by conducting our own research into refugees, learning the definitions of words such as asylum seeker, refugee and sanctuary. We then completed a DARTs activity about the plight of refugees and prayed to the Lord to protect all those seeking refuge. To end our week of work, we poured the emotion developed from our learning into performing powerful poems written about refugees.


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