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Religious Education Leads at English Martyrs School are:

Mrs Gillam and Miss Carroll

Second Week of Advent

First Sunday of Advent


There is an old Mexican custom where, during Advent, people dressed as Mary and Joseph and travelled around their villages knocking at peoples' doors to see who would give them hospitality.
This custom has been adapted around the world through the idea of a ‘Travelling Crib’, which involves the model figures of a nativity scene being passed from house to house each night during Advent, before being brought to Church on Christmas Eve. This journey symbolises Mary and Joseph's difficult journey from Nazareth to Bethlehem before the birth of Jesus. On their designated night, host families set up the crib in their homes and use the opportunity to stop what they were doing and think as a family about the true meaning of Christmas. It is a unique way to help families prepare for Christmas, that schools and churches have been facilitating for years.
Due to social distancing restrictions this year, for many a ‘Travelling Crib’ in the traditional sense won’t be possible…so we have created a Covid-proof experience called The Christmas Crib.

Wednesday Word 4th November

Catholic Pupil Profile


The Catholic Schools Pupil Profile supports our pupils' spiritual, moral, vocational, social and cultural development. It is used as a basis for policy and curriculum development and thus underpins the whole of the Catholic life of the school. The Jesuit Institute and in particular Fr. Adrian Porter have kindly allowed us to use not only the profile but also the visual images which bring the virtues based profile to life. 

The values and virtues of the Profile support the faith life of the many faith communities who attend English Martyrs' Catholic Primary School.  In celebrating them, we find that it brings us together in our mutual pursuit of a faith-filled life.

Autumn 1 Curious & Active

Autumn 2 Intentional & Prophetic
Spring 1 Grateful & Generous
Spring 2 Attentive & Discerning
Summer 1 Compassionate & Loving
Summer 2 Faith-filled & Hopeful


Virtues for Autumn Term 2

Teaching Sequence Overview for 2020-2021

The Wednesday Word

Is a very important resource for you and your child to share, it explains each Sunday's Gospel reading and gives little activities to support the understanding of God's Word.

14th October, 21st October and 28th October 2020


The Birmingham Catholic Diocese has dedicated this year to God's Word. It is an important opportunity for us to reconnect to the scriptures and allow God to speak to us through them. Take time to read and reflect on the scriptures in your daily prayer life.

Five Finger Prayer