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Confirmandi 2019 

Rebecca Oluwaferanmi Adeyemo

Raza Rehan

Crina-Alina Andrisan

Adam Kacprzak

Sebastian Kristal

Petr Moro

Fabian Strkac

Confirmandi 2019

Confirmandi 2019 1

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Please pray for us as we receive the Sacrament of Reconciliation and the Holy Eucharist this year.


Elizabeth Onikute (3A)

Esther Onikute (3B)

Paula Annan (3A)



Parents Meeting (Preparation of the Sacraments) - Monday 11th February 2019 (3:30- 4:00pm) 


Sacrament of Reconciliation- Tuesday 12th March 2019. (10am)


Holy Communion Mass- Sunday 19th May 2019   (10am) 

Holy Communion Retreat Day

 CAFOD Soup Kitchen

Thank you to all the staff and children who prepared and cooked the soup to help raise money for CAFOD. 

The Wednesday Word

The Wednesday Word 1
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