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Year 3

Week 1 3A Article 12 Respect child's views & Article 13 Sharing thoughts freely

On 6th September, we created our class charter together as class. This contains the responsibilities of the duty bearers and the rights of the children (rights bearers). 

Each child wrote about their favourite right and why it is important to them. 


Today, we celebrated Our Lady's birthday. We looked at inspirational women who have changed the world and how some of these women had their rights denied but overcome their obstacles.

We explored the lives of Queen Elizabeth II, St Teresa of Calcutta and Ellie Simmonds. 


This week we focused on Article's 12 and 13. We discussed the importance of listening to all children and how they all have a right to be heard. We explored as a class how teachers can respect their right to voice their opinions and views. In class, we have a worry monster where children can place their worries inside.

24.9.21 ARTICLES 28 Every child has the right to an education & 29 Education must develop every child's personality, talents and abilities

21st September International World Peace Day