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Online Safety Guide for Parents & Carers

What Parents Need to Know About iPADs

Online safety advice for parents - grooming

Power point on E-Safety for parents

English Martyrs' will be taking part in the #WakeUp Campaign to promote online safety on the internet. We are connected to the internet everyday whether this be by our mobile phones, laptops or iPads so it is essential that we stay safe online.

Reddit is commonly referred to as “the front page of the internet”, with millions of users continually creating/sharing videos, images, memes and much more on this forum-style site. This free guide for parents & carers covers what they need to know about the platform to help safeguard their children from potential online risks including; online payments, inappropriate and potentially harmful content, trolling, fake news and more

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For more information regarding our NOS Certified School Community package, developed in line with the new 2018 DfE Statutory Guidance, 'Keeping Children Safe in Education', please complete the form here:

Many thanks for your continued support and for helping us to achieve a safer online world for children! 

The National Online Safety Team