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COVID-19 Vaccines for Every Health Worker



Please take the time to sign UNICEF's petition asking Prime Minister Boris Johnson to share our surplus COVID-19 vaccines so frontline workers everywhere can be protected.

Click here to sign the petition

We’re at a historic moment. COVID-19 vaccines, which are crucial to our way out of the pandemic, are being rolled out across the world. But the picture is far from equal.

Wealthier countries will have vaccinated most of their citizens this year, while it could be 2023 for many lower income countries. In the UK, we've already vaccinated half of our population and we’re on track to have a surplus of 100 million doses.

We will only ever be safe when everyone is safe. That’s why we’re calling on the UK Government to share our surplus COVID-19 vaccines with people in low- and middle-income countries through COVAX.

The Prime Minister has said he is committed to sharing the UK’s surplus vaccines, but we are waiting to hear when and how this will happen.

Help give the world a shot. Sign the petition to help frontline workers and at-risk groups everywhere access COVID-19 vaccines now.