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Year 2


Spring Term 2023

Article 13: Sharing thoughts freely

How do you like to express yourself?              

Rights Day 2021!

Thursday 14th October 2021.


Week beginning 28.9.21

Article 28 - Right to an education.

Article 29 - Aims of education.

This week we discussed the importance of school. We talked about how all children have the right to go to school but this is not always upheld by the government in some countries. We also talked about how it is a teacher's responsibility to make sure that children are getting the most from their education. We came up with lots of different things we learn in school besides subjects such as maths and English. Some ideas we came up with were:

''In school we learn about how to respect others and ourselves.''

''We learn about how to 'dream big' and make sure we are meeting our goals.'' 

''We learn about how to be a good and loving person.''

Finally, we talked about our talents and what subjects we are best at in school.


Week  beginning 20.9.21

Article 22 - Refugee children 

This week we started reading the story 'Paddington Bear' in whole class read. We learnt that Paddington Bear was a refugee and that there are lots of people who travel in dangerous conditions to be able to feel safe in England. We learnt that a refugee is someone who flees their country due to war, natural disasters or fear of being hurt. We discussed how we could be welcoming to a refugee and why this is so important in our community.


Week beginning 13.9.21

Article 12 - Respect for children's views.

Article 13 - Sharing thoughts freely.

Today we talked about how we as teachers can uphold your right to be heard. We discussed how important it is to have a voice and use it to express our ideas, thoughts and opinions as long as they do not harm anyone else. We talked about children around the world who do not have their right to be heard upheld by adults and how this must feel. We related this to the story 'Malala's Magic Pencil' and how Malala was treated in Afghanistan when she openly shared her opinions.


Week Beginning 6.9.21

Article 1 - A child is anyone under the age of 18.

Today we talked about the definition of a child. We discussed about how we know about our rights and all the different ways we learnt about the articles in school. 

We learn about our rights on displays

We learn about our rights in assemblies 

We learn about our rights through Mini Vinnies 

We learn about our rights through our class charter

We learn about our rights in all our lessons.