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Summer Holiday Pack


Summer Information Letter and Pack


Welcome to Year 5 2020/21


5A- Mrs O’Brien and Mrs Dineen

5B –Miss Sonam, Mrs Kermalli

and Mrs Akhtar

Hello Everyone,

We hope you enjoyed the half term break and have re-charged your energy levels ready to be fully motivated for your final term in Y5.

In class, we will be continuing to focus on key skills and need full attendance from everyone. In year 5, we are using the 8.30 till 8.55 slot to practice key skills – please make the effort not to miss these sessions.

Year 5 will have 2 P.E. lessons a week on Wednesdays and Thursdays.

Please ensure your children come to school in their P.E. kit.

Their P.E. kit must be plain grey, green or black.


Spelling – Children will be given their new spellings and tested on a Tuesday. Practise the rule every night.


Reading -We expect the children to read at least 10 pages of their book every night, more at the weekend. Diaries must be signed daily.

Times tables – Knowing your times tables for instant recall is essential in many maths operations. Therefore, we ask the children to practise their tables every night using TTRockstars or Hit the Button, or writing lists of Tables.

English- at times we will give out English tasks – aiming to improve writing ability.

Weekend Homework.

On a Friday the children will have an English and Maths task, they may have a science task. In addition, they will be expected to read, learn their tables and practice their spellings.

If you have any queries contact us on:


Hi 5B,

I hope you are all well! I am so sorry that our ending to Year 5 has been an abrupt one, but it is important that we all keep safe and well. We’ll also see one another again in September, so all is not lost!

As we are still in the school term, we would expect that you keep your minds and bodies busy by completing the work that has been uploaded below. You have activities for the following subjects:

  • Maths
  • Writing
  • Reading
  • Grammar
  • Science

Remember, you still have access to TTRockstars and we would expect that you continue to read 10 pages a day- minimum.

For some, your reports have been sent home with your siblings; others will receive theirs via post. If your parents have any questions about your reports and would like to get in touch with Mrs Kermalli and I, then they need only to email us on the following:


Take care, rest well and keep your minds and bodies active,


Miss Sonam, Mrs Kermalli and Mrs Akhtar

Year 5 Trip - Sarehole Mill

Vocal Coaching


Year 5 love to read!

We were so excited to choose our Story Time book. Click the links below to see what our texts are for Story Time and Whole Class Reading!

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