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Year 5

Year 5 gives you a warm welcome! We hope you enjoy reviewing the exciting activities that we have undertaken so far this year and use all the wonderful resources added to help you continue your learning at home.

Weekly Updates-


Hello Year 5,

We hope you had a relaxing rest from online learning last week and enjoyed the amazing weather that we have been having. It is hardly believable but we are now in the last half-term of Year 5. We hope to see you all soon before the academic year ends, and when it safe for everyone to be back at school together. Until then, we will continue to upload the weekly online learning activities.


Your daily routine should be back in full force this week- early wake-ups, daily exercise and online learning completed. Please find the tasks for this week below. 


Also, we have a new article focus this week. It is Article 19 - protection from violence, abuse and neglect. This article is particularly significant at the moment with all the protests that are happening in America, which you may have heard about. Read more about these on the Newsround website- To view activities that Miss Harper has uploaded for you, go to the Global Citizens tab and click on RRSA.


Finally, as mentioned below in the post about Pentecost, please look at the RE page on the English Martyrs' website to find activities to complete. Pentecost Sunday is an important feast day. It is a time of new beginnings after Easter, a time for God's love and the Holy Spirit to enter our hearts. 


Have a fantastic week and continue to keep safe, healthy and active.


Miss McGeever heart

Science Activity 01.06.20- This week we begin our new topic- Animals Including Humans. Read through the powerpoints to create your own human life cycle. What are the main stages of a human's life? Then create a timeline of a human's life. This will be more detailed than the life cycle. Use the images below to help you.

Picture 1
Picture 2

Writing Activity 01.06.20- complete pages 15-24. Recap the pages that you have completed during previous weeks to refresh your memory.

SPAG Activities 01.06.20

SPAG Activities 01.06.20 1
SPAG Activities 01.06.20 2
Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6
Picture 7
Picture 8
Picture 9



The Church celebrates the Feast of Pentecost fifty days after Easter Sunday. Pentecost Sunday ends the season of Easter. This year, the Feast of Pentecost is celebrated today.


Before he returned to his Father in Heaven, the risen Jesus visited his disciples and promised to send the Holy Spirit to help them. One morning, when the disciples were gathered together with Mary, the mother of Jesus, and some other women, they suddenly heard a noise like a strong wind. Then they saw what looked to be flames of fire over each of them. “And they were all filled with the holy Spirit.” (Acts of the Apostles, 2:4)


The Holy Spirit filled the disciples with courage and faith, empowering them to share the Good News with others. They began to tell others about Jesus, and that he died for us and rose to new life. On this day, the gift of the Spirit allowed the disciples to communicate even with those who spoke different languages.


On Pentecost, the Apostle Peter spoke to a gathered crowd. He asked the people to be baptised and receive the Gift of the Holy Spirit. Many people were baptised that day. The disciples laid their hands on them so that they might receive the Holy Spirit, giving them strength and courage.


The event of Pentecost changed the world and gave rise to today’s Church. The Holy Spirit came to the disciples on Pentecost. God the Father and Jesus sent the Holy Spirit to help and guide the Church.


How do you use the fruits of the Holy Spirit to help and guide the community you live in?

Find activities for Pentecost on the RE page of the English Martyrs' website.


Hello Year 5,

Firstly, Eid Mubarak to all who celebrated Eid Ul-Fitr yesterday. We hope you had a wonderful day and stayed safe.


This week is half term so there is no online work. Many of you have been working really hard at home to complete the tasks that we upload each week. Use this time to relax, rest and play. 


Enjoy your week but remember to stay safe and healthy!


Hello again Year 5! We hope that you had a relaxing and restful weekend. Another week of lockdown has passed and we're another week closer to getting back to normal and being back together again.


In the meantime, it is wonderful that you can continue your learning by completing the activities on our Year 5 page. Please continue to do what work you can this week and let us know how you get on. We love seeing pictures of your work and hearing about what you have been up to. This week we were particularly impressed with R'Kye who sent us a video of his science work, which I have included for you all to see! I'm sure that there are many more of you who are working very hard too - please remember to upload your work so that it can be shared with your friends and teachers.


I hope that you are finding time to excercise outside, play in the garden or are simply enjoying the fresh air when you take a walk with your family. I have been enjoying walking Bailey, and I'm planning on taking my new bike out on a few rides!


Please ensure that you show gratitude to the people at home who are supporting you so well during this time, as well as trying to show gratitiude to the NHS by clapping on Thursday evenings.


Have a lovely week, work hard, stay safe and enjoy the sunshine!


Mr Fowler

R'kye's Lockdown Science!

Still image for this video


This week, your maths work is all about decimal numbers and percentages.  On the attached PowerPoints, you will find a number of tasks to work through.  You will also find step by step guidance on how to approach the tasks.  Complete as much as you are able to.


For English this week, similarly to a couple of weeks ago, you have some story-writing resources. For each, you are given a picture and some prompts.  Try to include some exciting vocabulary in your writing, as well as a variety of descriptive techniques and sentence types.


This week, for your SPAG work, you have a variety of tasks that will help you practice your spellings and your editing and improving skills.


May is the month of Mary so, for your RE work this week, I thought that some of you may want to do something for Mother Mary.  Below, there is a PowerPoint on how you can make an altar for Mother Mary.  I have attached some pictures to provide you some inspiration below.  I have also uploaded a sheet that you can colour in.




Science this week is based on compounds, which are when a new material is made by combining different materials.  Below is a file with a number of tasks that you can choose from this week.

Task 1: You are given a scientist who created a famous compound.  Research the scientist to find out what they created and how the compound they created is used!

Task 2: If you have the materials that you need, then you can create your own goo. Follow the instructions and make observations about the compound that you've made!

Task 3: You are given two famous compounds - geckel and graphene.  Complete the research sheets on the materials and their properties.


Below, are two tasks linked to our theme for the Summer term - Crime and Punishment.  Your first task is to write a letter to Queen Victoria (from the Victorian period) and ask her to change some aspects of the law.  I have attached a poster on the format of a letter of persuasion to help you with this task.

Your second task is to print your family's fingerprints and then analyse them.  You can do this by applying ink or paint onto either the end of your finger or thumb and then firmly pressing the inked finger/thumb onto a piece of paper. Alternatively, use the following link for instructions on how to take a fingerprint using a pencil and some tape - What kind of patterns can you see? Are there any similarities? Any differences?


As always, remember to check TTRockstars and Purple Mash.  These fantastic resources give you constant access to key elements of the Year 5 curriculum and we are adding tasks for you to complete as and when we can.  If you have issues logging on to any of these websites, let us know and we can try to resolve this situation for you.


Have a wonderful, entertaining, challenging and meaningful week.


Hello Year 5,

We hope you and your families are continuing to keep safe and well! We know that this has been a strange time for everyone but we are really proud of your resilience and determination to continue to work hard and keep your mind and body active. We know too well that it is getting harder and harder to remain proactive and productive at home as more time passes. However, it is really important to keep up with a regular routine. Make sure you wake up early and try to do so each day. Continue to decide what activities you will complete each day and try your hardest to get at least half an hour of exercise daily. The body coach is still doing great workouts on You Tube. The link is below with the other useful websites. 


We have seen the hard work that has been completed on Purple Mash by many of you and we trust that you are keeping your minds active with all the tasks that we set on here each week. Please try to upload pictures of your hard work by clicking on the link above. Similarly, we can't wait for you to share all of the work that you have been doing once we return to school. Please continue to keep up your times tables practice on TTrockstars too! 


We want to praise Zainab in 5A for her continued terrific scores on TTrockstars and Zara I and Zara H in 5A for all of the hard work that they have completed on Purple Mash. Well done to everyone else who is working hard too!


Your activities for this week are below. DON'T FORGET TO UPLOAD PICTURES of your completed work. 


Have a fantastic week! 


Miss McGeever smiley

11.05.2020 Art Task- recap different types of Islamic Art and try to create your own calligraphy piece of Islamic Art. Take pictures and upload them. We want to see the lovely work that you create!

Picture 1 Traditional Islamic Calligraphy Art
Picture 2 Traditional Islamic Calligraphy Art
Picture 3 Traditional Islamic Calligraphy Art

Try to write the word Ramadan in a calligraphy style yourself. Can you use the Arabic word for Ramadan and create you own piece of calligraphy art like below?

Try to write the word Ramadan in a calligraphy style yourself. Can you use the Arabic word for Ramadan and create you own piece of calligraphy art like below? 1
Try to write the word Ramadan in a calligraphy style yourself. Can you use the Arabic word for Ramadan and create you own piece of calligraphy art like below? 2
Try to write the word Ramadan in a calligraphy style yourself. Can you use the Arabic word for Ramadan and create you own piece of calligraphy art like below? 3

11.05.2020 Science Task- separating mixtures recap. Revise different separation methods, complete the sheet and try the filtering experiment shown on the video.

Picture 1

11.05.2020 Math Tasks- work through the perimeter and area Powerpoints each day and watch the videos to help you complete the worksheets below.

Picture 1
Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3

11.05.2020 SPAG Task- complete the fronted adverbial activities.

11.05.2020 SPAG Task- complete the fronted adverbial activities. 1
11.05.2020 SPAG Task- complete the fronted adverbial activities. 2

11.05.2020 Writing/Reading Task- this week, complete pages 9-15 of the booklet. Be sure to reread the text at beginning of the booklet to remind yourself of the story.



Additional activities you could also do this week to keep yourself busy-

Go onto the Science page on our school website, Mrs Kermalli has uploaded a really fun activity for you to try: Balloon Car Racing! Give it a go.


A new week means a new article focus. This week’s focus is on Article 14 - the right to freedom of thought, belief and religion. This article links really well to RE. You should go onto the Global Citizens tab and click on RRSA. There is a PowerPoint that Miss Harper has uploaded with activities for you to complete. We would love to see the work you complete from this too. Upload pictures!


As the month of May is dedicated to Mary, we want you to complete the fun activities available on the RE page of our website-RE website.   



#ThankYouNHS Competition

We hope you have been working on your competition entry. If not, it would be really nice for Year 5 to have as many entries as possible so get designing! Design a ‘thank you’ to the NHS. Information about the competition and entering is below. As well as designing your competition entry, read through the powerpoint and complete the accompanying tasks about the jobs in the NHS that people do. Please take photos of your final competition entry and upload them so we can start to submit your designs. 

Read through the Powerpoint and NHS cards. Which job would you be most suited for and like to do? Fill out the hire me sheet.

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4


Hello, Year 5! We hope that you are all well and that those of you celebrating Ramadan have enjoyed your first week.  As always, we have a variety of tasks to help you with your home learning for another week of lockdown.  I would just like to remind you all that we would love to see what you are getting up to in your home learning - all you need to do is take a photograph of your work and upload it for us to see!  There is a link above which will direct you to the OneDrive where you can upload your work in just a few clicks.



For Maths this week, we have a variety of multi-step problems, some of which have some visual aids to help you understand the question.  Make sure you read each question carefully and study the visual aids (if there are any) to help you to understand the processes that must be used to solve the question.



For English this week, we would like you to create an original piece of creative writing.  To help you with this, we have provided you with a picture, an introduction and some question prompts.  The aim is to produce a 1-page long story that uses the picture and introduction - the questions should be answered in the story itself!



This week, we have two more SPAG mats for you to complete.  They have a variety of tasks all based on aspects of spelling, grammar and punctuation that we have already covered this year.




As we are one week into Ramadan, we thought that we would have some RE tasks linked to this season of the Islamic calendar.  The first task provides you a template and some instructions on how to create a Ramadan paper lantern.



The next task is an activity sheet about the habits that you can aim to change during the season of Ramadan.  


For more RE work, you can visit the RRSA page of our website for a variety of tasks linked to Article 7 of the Rights of the Child - The right to a name and an identity.



Task 1 - To make a speech encouraging others to become Prime Minister


First, write a list of 3 things you would do to make Britain or your home town a better place. Prepare a mini speech that you would give to the people who could vote for you. If you can, record yourself giving your speech and upload it onto the OneDrive for our Year - you can find the link to do so towards the top of the Year 5 page. 


Success Criteria:

1. A short powerful written speech

2. Emotive language that inspires and fills with confidence

3. Content about being democratic and fair to all

4. Speak confidently


Task 2 - Research Task


In Britain, over the years, lots of laws have been made for lots of different reasons.  These laws have changed the rights for lots of people as well as changing what determines what is and is not classed as criminal activity.  Using this link ( research a theme of law (women and the vote, war and conflict, etc.) and make a short piece of writing explaining some of the biggest changes in Britain linked to this theme.




In Science this week, we have two experiments for you to try out at home - providing you have access to the equipment that you need.


The first experiment is linked to the different states of matter of water.  Using a few simple household items, you will be able to make it rain indoors!


After completing this task, see if you can explain the different steps that occur during this experiment (try to use scientific vocabulary in your explanation).  After that, see if you can link your observations to the water cycle, which we researched earlier on this year.


The second experiment is all about 'oxidisation'.  This is where the oxygen and water react with iron, causing a chemical reaction that makes something we are all familiar with - rust!  You will be seeing how different metals go through oxidisation at different times and making notes of your observations over time.  I have included some tables that will help you document your observations.


Hello Year 5,

Firstly, we want to wish Ramadan Mubarack to those celebrating Ramadan. Some of your activities are Ramadan themed this week and you will find even more Ramadan activities on our RE page. Click on the Curriculum tab at the side of this page and then RE.


We hope you are all well and healthy and hope to see you all soon! Until we are back at school, continue to work through the activities uploaded each week. You will find them below for this week. We want to see all of the hard work that you have been doing at home so take pictures and upload them to the link towards the top of this page. We will review them and add them to this page. Remember to include your name and class. Don't forget that TT Rockstars is available to continue practicing times tables and Purple Mash has many more To Do activities for you to keep your minds active! 


Once again, Miss Harper has updated the RRSA page this week which can be found by clicking on the Global Citizen tab at the side of this page. The focus article for this week is Article 12. Read the booklet uploaded and complete activities mentioned. Don't forget to upload pictures of any work that you complete.


Finally, we want to show our support to the NHS for all of the amazing work they are doing during this pandemic but also the amazing work they always do. As well as the weekly clapping that I hope you all take part in and rainbows that we hope you have displayed in your windows, there is a competition. Read about the competition below. Please upload your entries. You will find the link towards the top of this page!


Have a great week! Best Wishes!


Miss McGeever heart

Once an egg has been fried, can it ever go back to the way it was at the beginning? Once bread is toasted, can you ever get that toast to be bread again? The answer is no because these are examples of irreversible changes. A chemical reaction takes place and creates a new substance. Sometimes chemical reactions are easy to spot because they give off a smell, a change of colour occurs or they release light or heat.


Watch the videos above and read the Powerpoint to find out more about irreversible changes. 


Next, look at the images below. Classify whether each image is an irreversible or reversible change. The verb gives a big clue about whether it is a reversible or irreversible change! When things melt, can we solidify them again to return to the original substance? When things burn, can we reverse the burning to return to the original substance?


Now, think about when you may have observed some of these irreversible changes. You could ask your parents to create some of these irreversible changes with you this week. Think about each irreversible change and observe if there is a change in colour, if a smell has been created, if light has been released or if heat has been generated. Also, describe the new substance made. You can make notes on a table like below.


Irreversible Change

Change Of Colour


Type Of Smell Produced


Light Released


Heat Generated


Description Of New Substance


A rusty nail          
A fried egg          
Toasted bread          
Candle wick burning          
Boiled Potatoes          

SPAG Activity 27.04.2020

SPAG Activity 27.04.2020 1
SPAG Activity 27.04.2020 2

Reading/Writing Activity 27.04.2020- complete pages 1-8 only!

Muslims all around the world are currently celebrating Ramadan and will soon celebrate Eid. Catholics have just celebrated Lent and Easter. Both Muslims and Catholics use these celebrations to strengthen their faith. At English Martyrs' School, we learn about and celebrate the beliefs of all members of our community. Can you compare these celebrations? Use the videos and Powerpoints above to find out about all the similarities and differences. List them on a table like below. Include detail if you can.

Similarities Differences







Art Activity 27.04.2020

Since Muslims all around the world are celebrating Ramadan, we thought it would be nice to learn about Islamic Art this week and create some geometric Islamic patterns. Read through the Powerpoint above and use the document to help you create your own pattern.

You can also visit these links to learn more about Islamic Art, follow a craft activity to weave a star if you have the materials needed at home and follow instructional videos to help you draw more patterns.



20.04.2020- Global Citizens


Miss Harper has updated the RRSA page with information about Coronavirus. There will be activities and powerpoints linked to a UNICEF article each week. This week is Article 24 - health care. Complete the activities uploaded. Please send us anything you have done to show support for our NHS carers (rainbows, cards, photos of you clapping etc.) It would be great to put your photographs and work up on our website! 


Find the RRSA page by clicking on the Global Citizen tab on our homepage. 

20.04.2020- use these decimal lessons to help you complete the decimal activities provided this week.



Hello Year 5,


I hope this update finds you all in good spirits.  We have a number of activities to help you further your education at home during this coming week that we really hope you will enjoy.  Before we get started with these, I'd like to take a minute to thank everyone who is putting lots of effort into their activities at home and all the parents supporting you with them.  We have been sent some pictures of the work you have been getting up to and thought I would share an example with you all! 


Hana (Y5) and Arisa (R) worked together on a science project to make a rainbow using felt tips, tissue paper and water.




Please feel free to update us with any interesting that you are completing.


Activity 1- English / SPaG

This week, we have some SPaG Mats for you to complete, which feature some challenges using different aspects of spelling, punctuation and grammar.  Use your understanding of the English language, its terminology and spelling rules to help you work through them.




Activity 2- Maths

This week, we have some tasks relating to decimal numbers.  Whilst completing these tasks, you will need to think carefully about place value as well as any rules for formal methods with addition and subtraction. 




Activity 3- Reading

This week, you will be reading and answering questions about a poem called 'Written in March' - a poem about the changing of the seasons.  It seemed very appropriate with all of the lovely weather we have been blessed with in this challenging time.

To complete this activity, read through the poem and then try to answer the questions underneath to the best of your ability.




Activity 4- Science

As part of our topic on the Properties and Changes of Materials, we learn about how different equipment and methods can be used to seperate different materials.  Using the equipment in the document below (where possible) see what you can find out about filtering, sieving and other methods of separation.  There are some prompt questions to help you think scientifically!




Activity 5- Theme

As part of our Crime and Punishment unit, we are going to create a 3D model of a courtroom.  Courtrooms are where a number of people (such as judges, lawyers and witnesses) meet to share evidence and ask questions before the judge gives a verdict on the crime.  You will be using some templates to re-create the layout of a courtroom.  If you fancy an extra challenge, label each section of your room with key information about the different people and what their roles would be.


Below is a birds-eye view of a courtoom.



Using this and the following templates, try to recreate the scene!







Hello Year 5,


I hope you all had a wonderful Easter and celebrated the resurrection of Christ with your families. Many people didn’t believe in the teachings and things that Jesus would speak about 2000 years ago but right after he was resurrected from the dead, many turned their eyes to see that He is our Lord. Jesus’ resurrection during Easter, not only renews our faith, but also gives us peace, restores our souls, mends our brokenness and helps us to conquer our struggles, especially when we are overwhelmed. Currently, the world faces a real struggle battling COVID-19. We should keep all of our neighbors near and far in our thoughts and prayers during this time.


Activity 1- RE/Writing 

Write an Easter prayer to Jesus, asking him to give light and strength to all the different people that are suffering and struggling in some way due to the pandemic- nurses, doctors, the sick, the families who have lost family members and those who have lost jobs and their income. Give details about these people and their struggles, and ask for specific help and support from Jesus for each group of people. 


Activity 2- Math

Solve the decimal problems to crack the code.


Activity 3-Reading/Theme

Our new theme this term is Crime and Punishment. Robin Hood is a classic narrative set a long time ago that involves crime. Read through the Robin Hood extract and answer the vocabulary questions and VIPERS. Do you know the full story of Robin Hood? Watch it here



Activity 4- Science

Complete the dissolving investigation. Ask your parent's permission before using any items from the kitchen!


Remember to keep your mind and body active! I hope you are all doing some exercise each day. Remember to use the Body Coach's workouts from the website below; continue working through all the other activities posted below and use the websites regularly (including Purple Mash) to keep your mind active.


Finally, a big well done to Zainab Noman in 5A who is the current top scorer on TTrockstars, not only in Year 5 but across our school. It is great to see that so many of you are continuing to complete your daily times table practice. Keep this up! 


Have a fantastic week! Keep safe, healthy and active.


Miss McGeever


Good Morning Year 5,


I found some Easter tongue twisters that made me laugh today as I raced against my family to read them as fast as I could. Try reading and learning the tongue twisters. Challenge your parents or siblings to read them accurately and as fast as possible.


Can you use alliteration to write some of your own based on Easter or Spring?



This one was always my favorite! Can you learn this one and challenge me when we are back at school?


Have a great day!


Miss McGeever



Hello Year 5,


This week is Holy Week and Easter will soon follow. At school, we normally celebrate this sacred time together and learn more about the death and resurrection of Christ. This week your new activity/ies will be RE themed.


Firstly, recap the events of Holy Week and Easter Sunday. Click on the link-


Can you recall what happened on each day of Holy Week and Easter Sunday?


Can you explain why Jesus was crucified and why God sacrificed his son?



1. Create a comic strip for Holy Week and Easter Sunday. Include the days that the events happened. Use the examples below or rewrite in your own words.


On Palm Sunday...On Maundy Thursday...On Good Friday...On Easter Sunday


2. Write a letter as Jesus to all Catholics explaining why you were sacrificed and how you want all Catholics to live by your teachings.


3. Make a poster for Father Hudson's Care, encouraging people to make donations (think of different kinds of donations not only money) to support the elderly, disabled, children in need, asylum seekers, refugees and homeless that the charity help. Can you include a message about why these groups of people might be even more at risk and need even more support during this difficult time that we are experiencing?


4. Write messages of hope and strength for these people: elderly, disabled, children in need, asylum seekers, refugees and homeless. Your messages should help encourage them to stay safe and healthy during this time.



We hope that all homeless people find shelter to protect themselves. With the love that God has given us, we hope that people, who have spare homes or hotels that are not in use, provide these.


5. Get creative! Create your own piece of art of the crucifixion. It should include the symbol of the cross. Look at the examples for ideas. You might use buttons, twigs, paint or crayons. Use what you have at home.




Have you continued your collection for Father Hudson's Care? The charity are continuing to support people who are in need (even more so now) during this difficult time. Think about the homeless who have no shelter to self-isolate or the elderly that are too weak to fight the virus. The charity are helping to ensure these people stay safe and healthy. Keep collecting/raising/donating to fill your Good Shepard Appeal money boxes.


We look forward to seeing all of the hard work that you have been doing!


Continue to work through all the tasks below and continue to use the websites listed. These will help you to keep your mind active.


Keep safe, healthy and active.


Happy Easter! 


Best wishes and blessings for you and your families.


Miss McGeever and Mr Fowler



Good Morning Year 5,


I wanted to share something really fun with you all and hope it makes you all smile. Whilst I have been at home, I have been communicating with my family through video calls and messages. My day was brightened today when my niece told me that her latest rap was on Newsround. Check it out!


5A have already heard about my niece who wants to become a rap artist and they have even heard some of her songs. During her time at home, due to her school closure, she has been using her spare time to write more raps. Her latest rap is about COVID-19. 


Here's a writing task for you all. Can you rewrite the rap or make your own song or poem about the pandemic, encouraging people to stay at home and keep active?


I look forward to reading and listening to them all.


Stay healthy, active and safe!


Miss McGeever




Hello Year 5,


We are now in our second week of school closure so we want to check in with you all! We will be doing so weekly for the remainder of the time that our school will be closed so look out for our updated messages.


Firstly, we hope you and your families are all well. We are continuing to keep you all in our prayers along with all the people in the world that have suffered and are suffering as a consequence of COVID-19. 


Whilst we are still unable to attend school, it is important to keep our minds and bodies active everyday. Try to create a routine and stick to it. Waking up nice and early and getting yourselves dressed is a great start. From there, you might want to plan out your activities for the day or even do this the night before. 


Using all the activities and websites that we have added to our page and will continue to update, we hope that you are completing some activities daily. You can find many activities assigned to you on Purple Mash too. You should also be spending at least 30 minutes reading, some time practicing spellings and times tables daily and doing 30 minutes to an hour of exercise each day- the Body Coach's PE lessons on You Tube (find the link listed below with the other useful websites) are a great work out designed for children!


We really look forward to reviewing all the wonderful work you have been doing once we return to school.


Each week, we are going to set you a specific tasks to do also which will involve some new learning. This week, we are focusing on Science. Our new topic is Properties and Changes of Materials. Look at all the key vocabulary. Can you learn the word meanings and links?



This week, we want you to focus on the terms irreversible and reversible changes. Use this website to help you.


Are these changes reversible or irreversible?



Now, your task is to find as many real life examples of reversible and irreversible changes that you spot at home during this week or have researched and make a poster for irreversible changes and a poster for reversible changes. 


We look forward to adding these to our Science Floor Books!


Until next week, keep safe and healthy!


Best wishes!


Miss McGeever, Mr Fowler, Miss Williams, Mr Dent and Miss Belcher



Use the bank of resources below to help you continue your learning at home...

Writing Task 1- use the ingredients and listed verbs to write a recipe. What interesting dish will you create?

Writing Task 2- continue the text. Use a range of fronted adverbials in your paragraph. Don't forget to use commas!

Writing Task 3- uplevel the sentences as instructed to on the sheet.

Writing Task 4- write an information text (non-chronological report) about the solar system. Use the NASA website to help you get your information and the templates as a guide.

Year 5 Spellings

Year 5 Spellings 1
Spend time learning the statutory spellings for Year 5 and Year 6. You will be tested on these throughout the year. Why not choose five to learn each week until you know how to spell them confidently.

Useful Websites

Review what we have been doing in Year 5 this year!



Maths Workshop

Maths Workshop 1
On Thursday we invited our parents into school to spend a morning learning how we can revise our multiplication, division and times tables at home - a great way to practise for next year's SATs!

English - Creating our own Mayan Gods

English - Creating our own Mayan Gods 1

Art: Mayan Masks

Year 5 enjoyed looking at different designs for Ancient Mayan masks, examining their different uses and trying on our own to explore why masks were important to the Mayan civilisation.

Our trip to Cadbury World

We enjoyed learning about the Maya and, in particular, their invention of chocolate! Cadbury World taught us about the history of chocolate and how the Ancient Maya influenced Birmingham's most famous company!

Maya Day

Maya Day 1
Year 5 spent an action-packed day learning about the Maya with lots of fun activities. We practised Mayan weaving; explored the shapes of Mayan architecture; made colourful Mayan sun designs; constructed Mayan calendars and even learned how to make their traditional 'chocolatl' drink!


Science - Investigating FRICTION

Science - Investigating FRICTION 1
FRICTION is the force created when two objects rub against each other. We used Newton Meters to measure the friction of different surfaces around the school, such as whiteboards, the concrete playground, the rubber flex playground, a table and the classroom carpet. We found that rougher surfaces generate more friction than smoother surfaces.


Years 5 and 6 commemorated the 30th anniversary of Unicef with a day of activities to celebrate the rights of the child.

English - Newspaper reporting

Science - Investigating GRAVITY and AIR RESISTANCE

Science - Investigating GRAVITY and AIR RESISTANCE 1
Year 5 observed the effect of GRAVITY on two differently-shaped pieces of paper, finding that the one with the larger surface area fell slower. Then we designed and built parachutes to protect an egg, which we dropped from the top of the stairs. We found that the larger the parachute, the more air was trapped underneath as it fell, causing more AIR RESISTANCE.

Remembrance Day 2019

Remembrance Day 2019 1
At 11 o'clock on the 11th November, the school gathered in the Gilsenan Hall for two minutes of silence to mark the anniversary of the end of the First World War. The next day, a special Mass was held in English Martyrs' Church, where we remembered all those who have died for us and who have suffered as a result of war and conflict. The children wrote prayers on poppies for the people they wanted to remember.

R.E. - Baptism

R.E. - Baptism 1
We have been examining the traditions and elements of baptism. We learned the story of Jesus' baptism by John the Baptist and looked at different artistic depictions of Jesus from all over the world, before painting our own versions of the story.

Drama - performing 'The Raft'

Drama - performing 'The Raft' 1
Year 5 have been learning diary writing through Jim LaMarche's short story 'The Raft'. We started by closing our eyes and imagining ourselves as the story's protagonist Nicky, before using dramatic techniques of freezeframes and exaggerated facial expressions to put ourselves into the story.

Geography - Water cycle

Geography - Water cycle 1
Year 5 have been exploring how water changes between a solid, liquid and gas during the water cycle. We enjoyed learning about condensation and evaporation before working in groups to produce diagrams of the cycle.

Art - Waterlilies and monochromatic painting

We used our skills of tinting, shading and toning, as well as our knowledge of different textural painting techniques, to create a monochromatic water painting in the style of Claude Monet. We made waterlilies using paper plates and tissue paper, working in groups to produce our own impressionist art pieces.

English - Biographical writing

Year 5 are learning about biographies and learning how to write about other people's lives. Class 5A have chosen to write a biography of David Attenborough, researching and compiling events from his life in order to create a detailed life story for the famous naturalist and TV presenter.

Science - Planting experiment

Science - Planting experiment 1
Class 5A planned an experiment to test the conditions needed for a plant to grow. Each group planted a seed in different conditions: one without water, one without light, one without CO2, one in low temperature and one with perfect conditions. We have predicted how each plant will grow - which one do you think will thrive best?

Visit from the NSPCC

Year 5 enjoyed learning about how to stay safe and who we can talk to if we need help. The NSPCC spend their lives helping vulnerable people, which is how Jesus wants us to live our own lives.

The Rosary with Archbishop Bernard

The Rosary with Archbishop Bernard 1
As a school we said The Rosary with the Archbishop. We loved the hymns about Mary. Celebrating Mary in October is important as it is one of her months.

R.E. - The Joyful Mysteries

R.E. - The Joyful Mysteries 1
Year 5 learned about the five Joyful Mysteries and celebrated how special Mary is to us. We remembered our own mothers and gave thanks for everything they have done for us.


On Wednesday 25th September, year 5 joined classes 6A and 6B in participating in our annual Maths Day! We practiced our six, seven, eight and twelve times tables using games, songs and activities like Snakes and Ladders, as well as using Venn diagrams to work out the relationship between different times tables. We hope you enjoy working through the Maths Activity Packs with your children!

English - 'The Island', by Armin Greder

English - 'The Island', by Armin Greder 1
This term year 5 have been studying Armin Greder's short story 'The Island'. Class 5A made predictions about the plot, setting and characters before reading the book, and are working on their fiction writing by planning their own alternative ending to the story. The children are learning how description, pacing and different sentence types can help add suspense to their writing.

English - Dear Mrs Harper...

English - Dear Mrs Harper... 1
English - Dear Mrs Harper... 2
Class 5A have been investigating the effects of plastic upon the environment, and how we can work to reduce our carbon footprint by cutting our plastic use. The children used questionnaires to gather information on the use and disposal of plastic at English Martyrs', before using their skills in persuasive and formal writing to produce letters to Mrs Harper, asking her to make the school plastic-free.