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Year 5 gives you a warm welcome! We hope you enjoy perusing the exciting activities that we have undertaken so far this year.






Cadbury World 2017

Cadbury World 2017 1
Cadbury World 2017 2
Cadbury World 2017 3
Cadbury World 2017 4
Cadbury World 2017 5
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Cadbury World 2017 11
On Tuesday 12th September 2017, year 5 visited Cadbury World as part of our theme on the Maya Civilisation. We learnt how the Maya used chocolate as currency for trade, as a reward for successful soldiers and as a bitter frothy drink. We also explored the grotesque beauty tips of the Maya people and their social system. As part of our trip, we visited the Education Center to study the Maya people, this was followed by a tour of the famous Cadbury's factory.

World Book Day 2018

World Book Day 2018 1
World Book Day 2018 2
World Book Day 2018 3
World Book Day 2018 4
World Book Day 2018 5
World Book Day 2018 6
World Book Day 2018 7
In March, year 5 participated in World Book Day. We had many interesting characters attend school that day, including Tin-man from the Wizard of Oz, the tree from a Monsters Calls and Oliver from Oliver Twist.  As part of our day, we learnt about the famous author C.S. Lewis, who wrote the Chronicles of Narnia and discovered where he got his inspiration from.

Mad Science Day 2018

Mad Science Day 2018 1
Mad Science Day 2018 2
Mad Science Day 2018 3
On Tuesday 6th March 2018, the whole of English Martyrs took part in Mad Science Day. As part of the day, year 5 and 6 participated in a round robin of four Science investigations. These included: Making Parachutes with Mr Fowler, An investigation into does 'Fat Keep you warm' with Miss Sonam, Asteroid Craters with Simon our Science ambassador and Mrs Kermalli and 'How is pulse rate affected by exercise?' with Miss Harrison.

Enabling Enterprise

Enabling Enterprise 1
Enabling Enterprise 2
Enabling Enterprise 3
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Enabling Enterprise 7
Enabling Enterprise 8
Enabling Enterprise 9
Enabling Enterprise 10
Enabling Enterprise 11
Enabling Enterprise 12
Enabling Enterprise 13
Enabling Enterprise 14
Enabling Enterprise 15
Enabling Enterprise 16
In this project, the children explored and developed their creativity and maths skills by designing and making their own board game in teams of 3 – 4. The children were then required to market and present their game.