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Welcome to Reception!

We hope you enjoy reading all about all the exciting learning that takes place in Reception! 

Miss Belcher (RA class teacher)

& Miss Miles (RB class teacher) 




Using the link below you can now share the work you have been doing at home for your teachers to see!


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Hello Reception, Musa, Shazana, Maryam and Mustafa have been uploading picture of their work to the website! Great work everyone! smiley


Hello Reception, Mohammed Anees, Waniya, Maryam, Rahma and Shazana have all been working from home! Well done everyone, brilliant work!


Good morning Reception! We hope you are all well! Thank you for sharing pictures of your home learning. You have been busy. Some beautiful writing Elema and Maryam! Musa and Arissa have been very creative making their own caterpillars!


04/06/20 'While We Can't Hug' is a great story to help us all understand how we can show love to each other while we can't hug.


04/06/20 Zayaan, Anthony and Inzamam have been having lots of fun in the sun! Thank you for sharing smiley



Each week on the RRSA page found through the Global Citizen tab you will find activities to complete regarding children’s rights.

The article of the week is article 19 - protection from violence, abuse and neglect. We want you to learn about safety online and make a safety poster! Make sure you upload any work to the website using the "mailReceptionmail" tab at the top of the page!


Eid Mubarak!

The Reception team wish a happy and holy Eid to those  celebrating! Wishing you all the happiness at this special time heart

As next week is half term there will be no home learning uploaded onto the website. We hope you have a relaxing half term with your families!


Hello Reception! We hope you and your families are staying safe during this time. Make sure you are visiting the curriculum pages for extra activities to keep busy at home! On the Science page there are lots of experiments to try at home. On the R.E page there are lots of lovely activities to complete during this time. On the RRSA page there are weekly activities linked to different articles- The focus this week is Article 14- The right to freedom of thought and belief and religion. 

Don't forget to share your work using the "mailReceptionmail" link above.


11/05/20- Anthony has been busy baking cakes this week! It looks like you had lots of fun smiley.
05/04/20- Aleena and her brother Mustafa have been having lots of fun making their own volcano! Well done Children smiley


The Month of Our Lady

The 1st of May marks the beginning of the month of Mary. During this time we especially think of Our Lady Mary and share our love and devotion for her through activities such as prayer. The R.E. page of the website shares lots of activities to do during this special time.




Daily Phonics Lessons!

The Department of Education are providing free daily phonics lessons using the Letters and Sounds programme. These can be found on YouTube.

Reception lessons will be uploaded at 10.00am and an extra learning to blend lesson will be at 11.00am

This is a fantastic resource to support your child with their reading smiley




Good morning everyone! 

wishing you a blessed month this Ramadan, please share with us any activities you do during this holy time for Ramadan and Eid. We would love to see what you get up to during this special time! Look on the R.E. page or Twinkl for activities ideas!


Hello Reception, how are you all?

It has been lovely to see what some of you have been up to during your time at home. I hope you have been enjoying the sunshine! Be sure to share what you have been up to. We can then share them on the website!

 Use the link at the top of the page “mailReceptionmail

Zayaan, Mustafa, Aleena, Amelia and Arissa have been very busy doing lots of fun activities with their families! Well done children and thank you for sharing smiley


How can we help?

Coronavirus is affecting children’s lives in almost every country.

Each week on the RRSA page found through the Global Citizen tab you will find activities to complete regarding children’s rights.

This week we want you to share any pictures of how you are supporting the NHS and carers. Upload these pictures to the Reception page!

Thank you J

Reception show their support for the NHS and Keyworkers!



Here is a wonderful resource to help your child with their learning. This booklet provides lots of activities for your child to develop skills and confidence in speaking, reading and writing.


Hello Reception,

sending our love to you all.

You can find lots of home learning activities on this page along with some fun websites. Any work your child does keep or take a photograph to show their teachers when they are back in school!

Every week day at 9.00am on YouTube Joe Wicks does a workout video for children, and adults.

It is a fantastic way to wake up your bodies ready for a new day!




Hello Reception,

we hope you are all well and are staying safe at home with your families!

Don’t forget to stay active by exercising whenever you can!


smileyWishing you all a very Happy Easter!smiley


Miss Belcher, Miss Miles, Miss McKinney, Miss Hegarty and laughMiss Lynch laugh


Lots of Father Hudson Care and Easter activities can be found on the R.E. page of our website:



Below is a link to the EYFS curriculum. Please familiarise yourself with what is expected in order for your child to reach their Early Learning Goals.

There are 7 areas of learning and development in the EYFS. Below are the 7 areas along with some useful websites/ links to use when teaching these different areas at home!

The link below is from the Goverment website from the DFE, providing a list of resources:



Our EYFS Intent

At English Martyrs’ school we are committed to providing all children with the best possible start in life. We believe that children should have a safe and stimulating environment in which they gain confidence and acquire the skills they need to become happy, independent learners.


We follow a Thematic Curriculum where children are introduced to a variety of language rich texts and inspirational teaching that brings learning to life. We plan our themes around the children and enable children to make progress across the seven areas of learning through our play-based approach.


Speaking and listening is at the heart of everything we do. We believe that giving children opportunities to express themselves effectively and listening to others will allow children to become effective learners and provides them with a solid foundation for later life.

Reception celebrated ‘World Book Day’ where they came to school dressed up as their favourite characters from books they have read. Children had fun taking part in different reading activities


They also talked about their right to an education (Article 28) and how not everyone gets to read lovely stories like we do.

Hatton Park Farm!


Children visited Hatton Park Farm where they got to see and feed all of the wonderful farm animals. Children were Grateful and Generous by expressing their love for all of the animals given to us by God children thanked God for these wonderful gifts.

The Animal Man


This week Reception were visited by Animal in Hands. We got to see and learn about lots of different animals from all around the world.




We were very Prophetic and Wise by listening carefully and asking questions about the beautiful animals God has created.

Chinese New Year!

This week we have been learning all about Chinese New Year looking at the different ways people celebrate Chinese New Year across the world we have been making our own dragon art work, lanterns and we had our very own Chinese New Year party!


We were Curious and Active by discovering and trying different Chinese foods and celebrated this special event by parading with lanterns and dragons.



The Nativity Story!

Children loved taking part in the Nativity Story, where they performed the story of the birth of Jesus to their families and the rest of the school.

         Communitas Christmas Meal

Reception performed their Nativity songs during the Communitas Christmas meal. The children gave gifts to our special guests. 

Decorating the Christmas Tree!

To celebrate the Year of the Word each class decorated 6 baubles relating scripture. We had lots of fun decorating the baubles and thinking about this special time. 

Bambinelli Sunday

Blessing the baby Jesus

This week Reception have been busy making their own Baby Jesus to be blessed at Mass by Father Roberts. Children were Curious by asking questions about Baby Jesus and how people felt when he was born. Children were Active by creating their own Baby Jesus to celebrate Bambinelli Sunday.



On Tuesday the 20th of November we celebrated

Universal Children’s Day

Reception have been learning about their rights, and the rights every child has. We have been learned and wise by learning about other children around the world and reflecting on the differences in their life compared to our own.



Reception had fun learning about Diwali, the Hindu celebration of light. 

Maths Day In Reception!


Support for parents:

Read all of the exciting things your children will learn about each term in the detailed work plans below:

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