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British Science Week 2023

Year 6 were super excited and in awe of their experience in the planetarium where they were able to recap their learning about light and shadows from Y3. They were also able to make many links between light and their learning about Earth and space from Y5. Having also touched upon how light travels from a light source, reflects and can be separated into its component colours, pupils are now ready to embark on their new learning about light in the summer term. 

Year 1

Year 1 were filled with awe and wonder as they stepped into the planetarium this week to take part in their 'Light and Dark' workshop session. 

They were fascinated to find out more about how our Earth moves around the sun, giving day and night to different parts of the planet. They loved the imagery of our moon looking like a fat and then a skinny banana as it seemingly changes shape throughout the month- however, they now know what is really happening and it is just that we can't always see the whole of the moon! 

The children were really interested to learn some new animal facts, including all about why it doesn't matter that a mole has poor eye sight, and why some fish that live deep under water, don't need fancy, bright colours. 

Year 2


Year 2 have had a great week! We have loved including Science in our other subjects. During WCR we explored the story 'The Torch'. Here is some information about it:


Story: The Torch

Topic: Light travelling in straight lines, light sources and reflective materials

Plot type: Overcoming the monster

Genre: Fiction


This is a story about a young man who is sent away to war. He has taken a torch with him.

When he is captured by the enemy, he uses the torch to help dig a straight tunnel and escape to a rendezvous point where he must signal to the rescue plane. When his torch runs out at this crucial moment, and in the absence of any other light source, he uses the reflector inside the torch to signal to the plane by reflecting the moonlight.

The first scientific concept covered in the story is the idea that light travels in straight lines, so Tom can only see down the tunnel if it is straight. The story also involves reflection of light from shiny surfaces and mentions various other light sources.


During our Snappy Science sessions we discussed 'What if...?' questions. The Year 2 children had an excellent understanding of why we need a balanced diet. 


The Black Hole  Wow! Wow! Wow! We loved the Black Hole experience. Mr Allen our visitor invited us into his planetarium and told us lots about the planets. We even experienced stargazing. Have a look at our exit tickets to read all the interesting things he taught us. 






Year 4

Year 4

Year 4 learnt how we can see science every day, without even realising. As we stepped into the planetarium this week to take part in their 'light and shadows' workshop session. 

They were fascinated to find out how we see colours and make rainbows. They were shocked as they experienced true darkness. 


Year 4 took part in a live lesson where they discovered new creatures that live on the seabed. They were amazed to begin to understand how large the seabed around the UK is. 


We finished off the week by using our maths and computing skills to answer the question 'How many water droplets fit n a coin' Year 4 compiled all of their data and presented their results using J2e data.