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Year 4

Refugee Week 2021


This week during WCR, Year 4 have read an extract of Michael Rosen and Annemarie Young's book: 

'Who Are Refugees and Migrants? What Makes People Leave Their Homes? and Other Big Questions'.


We discussed who refugees are, how they are different from migrants and how they travel to different countries.


As a reflection, we wrote prayers asking the Holy Spirit for guidance and compassion towards refugees. We also asked the children to imagine they were being told they had to flee from their country. We asked them what items they would absolutely need in their suitcases?


A story about friendship, kindness, and adventure that is centred within the refugee crisis... With persistence and kindness, four classmates succeed in becoming Ahmet's friends. But it is when they learn of an approaching deadline to reunite him with his family that they decide to take action immediately.


During English lessons, we used this text to write a newspaper report about an event where the children go to Buckingham Palace hoping to meet the Queen and ask her to help their refugee friend Ahmet.