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As a learning community centred in Christ, we walk hand in hand with God on our journey in faith.

Year 4

Safer Internet Day

Linked UNCRC articles:

Article 19: protection from violence, abuse and neglect

Article 31: leisure, play and culture


What do you enjoy most about being online – what makes you smile?
How do you show friendship and support to others online?
What could you do to encourage more respect online?

What does being respectful online look like?

Band Runner is a fun interactive game that helps 8-10 year olds learn how to stay safe from risks they might encounter online

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We are young advocates. New vision. New future.

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We are young advocates. New vision. New future.

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3rd December 2021

Article focus: 

Article 2 – No discrimination 
Article 23 – Children with disabilities

Today we celebrated International Day of People with Disabilities. It is a global event which promotes equality for people with disability and celebrates their achievements. It has been celebrated every year since 1981.  

It is also a day to promote awareness of the challenges faced by over 1 billion people living with disabilities, and the role communities and societies play in breaking down barriers to inclusion

 Not all disabilities are visible

What can schools do to support children with disabilities? 

Sign language is a way of communicating using your hands, mostly used by people with loss of hearing.

Anti-Bullying Week

 There are three articles that provide a particularly strong link this week:

Article 2 – Non-discrimination
Article 12Respect for the views of the child
Article 19 – Protection from violence, abuse and neglect 

This year’s Anti-bullying theme is ‘One Kind Word’

In a world that can sometimes feel like it’s filled with negativity,

one kind word can provide a moment of hope.

It can be a turning point.

It can change someone’s perspective.

It can change their day.

It can change the course of a conversation and break the cycle of bullying.


Task: To design an anti-bullying superhero

11th November 2021

Remembrance Day is on 11th November and marks the day World War One ended, at 11am on the 11th day of the 11th month, in 1918.


It is an opportunity to remember the service and sacrifice of all those that have defended our freedoms and protected our way of life in all conflict and wars.

Article 38 – War and Armed Conflicts

There are many children in the world today who are affected by war.  

What could you do to advocate for the rights of children affected by war? 

14th October 2021

UNICEF Day- Focus: The principle of dignity, the ABCDE of rights and feeling safe in school.

Article 12 -respect for the views of the child and Article 13- freedom of expression.

We all have RIGHTS!

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13th October 2021

All creation reveals the glory of GOD. Thank you Mrs Harper for providing us with the flowers and bulbs to plant. We really enjoyed planting them.   

13th October 2021

Black History Month was created by Carter G. Woodson in 1926. He aimed to combat racism by educating white students about black contributions to American life which were commonly downplayed, ignored or hidden.


It’s fair to say we’ve come as a long way since then, with overt racism becoming ever more unacceptable, and a global consciousness shifting toward respect, unity and open-mindedness. But there’s still room to grow.



 ØYou will be working in teams of 4

ØEach group will be representing one of the historical figures we have talked about already - Mary Seacole,  Walter Tull, Paul Stephenson and Claudia Jones
ØYou will have some time to find out more about your Black British History Hero using iPads and some more information from us
ØAs a team you will create a poster and a prepare a short presentation to educate each other about each of the four people - details about their life and achievements
ØAfter the presentations, we will have a class debate - which person had the biggest impact on British society? Which person’s legacy is the greatest? How are their actions are still relevant in our country today? 

29th September 2021

Today sister Eleanor visited us. She encouraged us to 'GoGreen'. She reminded us how every voice counts...OUR voice counts! She also talked to us about fundraising. In response to this we are currently thinking of fundraising ideas. Watch this space!!!



UPDATE: Fundraising idea: Wear Green and donate £1 -Thank you for making a difference children

28th September 2021

During the RE lesson today we discussed how climate change has affected the yearly Harvest. We put forward ideas on how we can make a CHANGE. 

23rd September 2021


This week we discussed articles 28 and 29: The right to an education and the aims of education. 

Challenge: If we had a magic wand what we would change about our school.

16th September 2021

Today, we  talked about pupil voice and democracy: Articles 12 and 13. We listened to this story 'Everyone Gets A Say', then discussed why it’s important to listen to a  lot of people’s ideas. 

Task: How can a teacher respect your right to be heard?

10th September 2021

It is important that children know about their rights and experience their rights in school.

Task: Create a poster to show that rights are for all children around the world.

8th September 2021

Today, we celebrated Our Lady's birthday. We looked at ‘Great women who have changed history’ and discussed how even though these women faced challenges, they were able to overcome these barriers.  

6th September 2021

As a class we created a class charter -a set of rules and promises that we (children and adults) agree on for the classroom. These rights are important, as they help to keep us safe and happy while we are in school.