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The Season of Lent

Prayer Focus – The Season of Lent Lent begins on Ash Wednesday and ends on Holy Saturday when the Easter Vigil begins.


Purple is the colour used during this season and it signifies a a time of preparation and a time where we focus on seeking forgiveness for our sins.

Appropriate prayers such as an Act of Contrition, the Confiteor can be displayed and used. Feast days that occur during lent are St. Chad (March 2), one of the diocesan patrons and St. Joseph, husband of the blessed virgin Mary (March 19). Images of them could be displayed.

A 40 Day calendar to represent the time Jesus spent in the desert could be added to the prayer focus. A bowl of ashes on the prayer space would serve as reminder of the ashes placed on the forehead on Ash Wednesday, the start of this season. Sand and stones could be used to recreate the emptiness of the desert. Flowers are not placed in the prayer space during Lent.

Holy Week - Towards the end of Lent, focus should be given to the events of Holy Week and these can be represented in Holy Week.

At this time, it is appropriate to cover statues with purple cloth. This shows we are entering a time of great solemnity.

Images of the Stations of the Cross could be added as a reminder of the events of Jesus’ arrest to his death.

Symbols of Holy Week could also be added to the prayer space such as palms to represent Palm Sunday and bread to represent the last supper. Symbols from the Passion can be added including a crown (the crown of thorns that was placed on Jesus’ head), dice (used by the soldiers to cast lots for Jesus’ clothes), a cloth (which was used by Veronica to wipe Jesus’ face).

Stations of the Cross can be prayed before Holy Week.