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As a learning community centred in Christ, we walk hand in hand with God on our journey in faith.

Year 2

2A  No Pens Day!

In the morning we played some super cool phonics games, we really enjoyed this because we spent time listening and sharing our ideas on how to apply our phonics to our spelling.


After that we played some amazing Maths games using TOP MARKS this was great because we had to use our mental maths to do well. We played games with 2D and 3D shapes - we had fun sorting these and everyone else had to guess how we sorted them. Lots of fun and discussion.


After break we had a Whole Class Reading session, we read the book WE'RE ALL WONDERS by RJ Palacio. This was a book about a boy called Auggie and because he looked different from everyone else, he was treated unkindly. In his imagination he took himself off to another planet where the people there looked like him, this was his safe place. We talked in depth about how we were all God's children and we are all different and we should always treat others as a child of God too. We had a very rich discussion. We discussed our dignity as human beings (CST).


We loved this book so much we decided to base our Prayer and Liturgy on it. Where we all had to share with the person next to us something about how wonderful they are - as a unique and special child of God. We learnt it's now how a person looks is important, but what kind of person they are.


Then we had Show and Tell - we brought items from home that were special and meaningful to us and we shared these together.


We used our Virtues of the half term Attentive and Discerning all throughout the day - we listened and used our language skills to make this day very special for everyone in 2A.