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Curriculum Overview

Curriculum Overview

Curriculum design statement: intent, implementation, impact


Our curriculum is designed around the Gospel values and Catholic teachings through the teaching of Religious Education, Catholic Social Teaching and UNICEF Rights and Responsibilities to ensure that pupils have secure understanding of shared values and grow to become highly skilled, cultured, educated global citizens, ready for the challenges of the modern world.

We aim to provide a coherent, structured, academic curriculum that leads to sustained mastery for all and a greater depth of understanding for those who are capable.


Our curriculum is based on a thematic approach with reading at the core. Themes are well chosen to stimulate, engage and enthuse pupils and are supplemented by a range of experiences such as trips and visitors to school. Reading is at the heart of each theme and pupils and are exposed to a wide range of high quality texts to enhance a passion for reading, expand their ‘cultural capital’ and develop a sophisticated, mature vocabulary from which pupils can articulate their thoughts and ideas. Core and foundation subjects are explicitly taught to secure a sound understanding of subject specific knowledge and skills within a curriculum structure that is designed and structured to maximise learning. Core concepts are sequenced to ensure regular repetition within themes and key stages to build schemas in our long term memory to draw upon and develop a deeper understanding of each subject in the context of the world around them.


Following the lockdown on March 23rd due to COVID 19, the children of English Martyrs have had to adapt as learners and rely on home schooling, remote teacher support and a reduced amount of face to face teaching from their class teacher. This has inevitable meant that many children have gaps in their knowledge from the previous year group and time out of the classroom. 

At English Martyrs’ we have constructed a plan to ensure children catch up on any lost learning time and potential gaps in knowledge.

This plan will focus on quality first teaching, classroom intervention, small group targeted support with the child’s faith, health and well-being at the centre of all we do. 

Quality First Teaching:

The curriculum will be adapted to focus on the key skills and knowledge that children need in order to access the wider curriculum. Teachers will focus on embedding these key concepts and knowledge in the first two terms for all core subjects whilst still teaching a smaller percentage of non-core subjects through the thematic curriculum. All teaching will be informed from ongoing assessment for learning on the children’s return to school and planning will be tailored to their needs. The first couple of weeks will concentrate on reengaging children with the school environment whilst assessing them holistically.

Classroom intervention:

There will be a full time TA in each class bubble to support the teacher close the gaps for those who have fallen significantly behind and support their social and emotional well-being. TA’s will also deliver sustained, targeted support, where directed to, and interventions will be targeted, timed with outcomes measured.

Targeted Group Support:

Specific individuals and groups will be targeted to participate in 1:1 or small group interventions which will be run by graduate teaching assistants.

Remote Learning:

Remote learning, using a range of online platforms such as Purple Mash, alongside access to classroom planning will ensure that those needing to isolate have access to 3-4 hours high quality, bespoke activities and tasks daily in order to minimise the impact of time out of school.


Homework, prioritising reading and basic skills in the core subjects, is carefully planned to further bridge gaps resulting from lost learning during the ongoing pandemic. We rely on the support of our parents to facilitate both remote learning and homework to enable pupils to catch up and close these gaps more rapidly. 

Birmingham Curriculum Statement

Year 2 -Trip to London

Year 3 trip to Birmingham Museum to explore the Ancient Egyptian Civilisation.
Year 6 where introduced to their new Spring theme' Meet the Greeks'  by dressing up as Greeks and 'going back in time' with a real Ancient Greek man! 
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