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Important Letter re Key Workers

Dear Parents/Carers,                                                                          20th March 2020


As per the latest government guidance, we will still be providing education on site for children of parents or carers categorised as ‘key-workers’ and for vulnerable children. The government have provided further guidance on exactly which professions fall into this category, our understanding is that these following groups can send their children to school, and schools will endeavour to provide a service for them: •Anyone working in education or childcare • Anyone working in the NHS • Anyone working in social care  • Other ‘critical workers’: policemen and delivery drivers •Anyone working in local government •Anyone involved in food production, processing, distribution, sale and delivery •Anyone working for public safety and national security •Anyone working in transport  •Anyone working in utilities, communication and financial services


There will also be onsite education for vulnerable children. These children are:

 • Those with a social worker • Those with Education, Health and Care Plans (a legal document which describes a child’s special educational needs and the support they require)


Certifying if two members of your household are ‘key-workers’: We are working on the assumption that if one member of your household is not a key-worker, they will be working from home and therefore are able to provide childcare. If you are a single parent keyworker, you will of course be able to send your child to school. 


For now, in the name of trying to proceed as efficiently as possible, we just need you to do the following to confirm that you are a key-worker and that your child can therefore come to school on Monday. 


Please complete these steps with the upmost urgency to ensure your child can attend school on Monday. The deadline for the school to receive this email with these vital pieces of information is Friday 20th March by 2pm. 1. Your full name / the full name of both parents who are keyworkers 2. The profession(s) you work in 

3. Your child’s full name and class. 4. Proof of your working status from your employer. Please send these three key pieces of vital information to enquiry email:  We therefore request only to receive an email if both adults in the household, or if the only adult providing care in the home, work(s) in these jobs. Please note that you will be asked to provide proof of you working status from your employer. Thank you. 


Yours faithfully,