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As a learning community centred in Christ, we walk hand in hand with God on our journey in faith.

Minnie Vinnies

Meet our Mini Vinnies

Our Mini Vinnies are a group of children following in the footsteps of St. Vincent de Paul. They lead our school in fighting social injustice and tackling poverty. They lead our pupil voice and form part of our RRSA steering group.  

 "Turning Concern into Action"

The Mini Vinnies meet regularly to discuss how we can improve our environment, engage with the local community and ensure all the children at English Martyrs' school are aware of their rights and how the duty bearers (adults) can uphold these rights. 



Celebrating our Gold Award!

Why do you want to be a Mini Vinnie?


 "I want to help others be safe."

 "I want to help others to follow the right path."

"I want to help others live through our school virtues."

"I want to make sure we have the right to speak out."

"I want to help people who are lonely."

"I want to teach others to show kindness."

"I want to make sure we all respect each other's rights."

Current project - 2020/21 UNICEF OutRight Campaign


In joining the UNICEF OutRight Campaign, we are turning our concerns into action by battling to protect our precious Earth from the dangers of climate change, for years to come.

Our hope is that we can get as many people as possible to view our video and sign our e-petition so that we can be the beacons of hope and the reason for change in the way that we, as a society, live our life. 

So, please support us. Sign our e-petition and help us reach our mission.

E-petition link:

OutRight Campaign Video 2020/21

Still image for this video

We are Eco Warriors!

We know that it is our duty to look after our planet and everyone who lives on it therefore we work hard to keep our community clean and tidy.

We have regular groups of children who go out and clean up the pavements and roads around our school and English Martyrs' Church. We also try to keep our local doctor's surgery grounds free from litter.

The Mini Vinnies have been taking suggestions on what equipment the pupils would like in their playgrounds. They had lots of ideas and they then made a shortlist for Mrs Harper. Mrs Harper held a meeting with the Mini Vinnies to discuss how we can improve our playgrounds for the pupils of English Martyrs'. We can't wait to see the finished project!


Map of the British Isles to help us in our knowledge of the world!We wanted a hopscotch game to keep us active and healthy!Our Mirror Me game is fun and active!

Our Minnie Vinnies developed an active sports timetable with our Sports Coach Mr. Haarhoff from Active Super Stars.