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Our Workplans


Challenge Day

Over the course of the day, 3A work in teams to design a brand new sport. It promoted a sense of community, as each group represented in the Olympics-style Opening Ceremony.

 We looked at current, popular sports, the children developed an understanding of how surfaces, equipment and people affect gameplay. 

Throughout the day, the children considered how sports does not only challenge a player’s physical ability but can also put their enterprise skills to the test.


What skills did you develop?

Elizabeth: I used my 'teamwork' skill by working alongside my group to create a new sport. 

Muayad: I used my 'sharing ideas' skill by discussing with my group- how does sport  not only challenge a player's physical ability?

This Half Term we will focusing on the virtues 'Compassionate and Loving'.


Compassionate: We are compassionate when we feel sympathy and concern for other people who are in difficulty, whether they are near to us or far away.

Loving: We are loving when we show our sympathy and concern for other people by our actions and by our words.


A Prayer for Compassion

Lord God,

You are full of compassion and love for us, your children. Help us to be compassionate to our classmates at school and our family at home, so that we can reflect God’s love in our lives.


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