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Welcome to Reception!

We hope you enjoy reading all about all the exciting learning that takes place in Reception! 

Miss Belcher (RA class teacher)

& Miss Miles (RB class teacher) 






Reception have been learning about Autumn and the special things that happen during this time.

We thanked God for these special gifts! 


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Life Caravan!

The Life Caravan came to our school to talk to us about the importance of healthy eating. We also got to meet Gerald the Giraffe who taught us about our bodies!

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Maths Day!

We had lots of fun during Maths Day in Reception!

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EE Challenge Day- Game On!


We took part in the Enabling Enterprise challenge day. We had lots of fun working in our teams to develop a new way of playing football!


Reception have been busy this week bringing in food for the Harvest celebration. We have been thinking about the importance of sharing our gifts with others. 



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Read all of the exciting things your children will learn about each term in the detailed work plans below:

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