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Year 6 staff will set children homework as part of their weekly routine. They will receive daily tasks (which will be glued into their homework books) and their weekend tasks- a pack which will be given out every Friday.


Daily tasks must be handed in the next day.
Their weekend booklet must be completed for Monday.
Reading- children are expected to read a minimum of 10 pages every day. Their diary must be signed by a parent/guardian daily and the page numbers must be listed.


Daily tasks may include/ your child may want to do extra of:
Spellings- children will receive new spellings on a Tuesday and they will be tested on the spelling rule the following week (Tuesday). Children are expected to practice the rule every night- this may be a ‘daily task’ with suggested activities.

Times tables – Knowing your times tables for instant recall is essential in many maths operations. Therefore, we ask the children to practice their tables every night using TTRockstars, Hit the Button, or writing lists of tables.

English- at times we will give out English tasks, aiming to improve writing ability.