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Week 11.01.21



Last week you read a set on instructions and tried to retell those instructions from memory. This week you will be learning what is needed in a set of instructions and having a go at writing them for yourself. 

Click on the links below. Each link is a new lesson and one lesson should be completed everyday. 

To write your instructions you can use the blue workbook that has been given to you or you can create a word document and email it to Miss Walkley or Mr Evans for them to read at the end of the week.


Lesson one (Monday)

Learning objective: To use imperative verbs. 

This lesson you will be using imperative verbs to give clear and precise instructions.

Additional websites to help you with this lesson:


Lesson two (Tuesday)

Learning objective: To summarise main points.

In this lesson you will be learning how to summarise the main points of a text.


Lesson three (Wednesday)

Learning objective: To box up a recycled set of instructions.

In this lesson you will be boxing up a recycled set of instructions, showing the overall structure and purpose of each section.


Lesson four (Thursday)

Learning objective: To write a set of instructions (part 1)

In this lesson, you will be writing the first part of your instructions.


Lesson five (Friday)

Learning objective: To write a set of instructions (part 2)

In this lesson you will be writing the main part of your instructions.



Each day has a link to a BBC bitesize lesson. There will then be a link underneath for Purple Mash. After finishing the BBC bitesize lesson, click on the Purple Mash link to complete an activity from the 2Dos based on that lesson.


Lesson one (Monday):

Learning Objective: To use conjunctions to join ideas.


PURPLE MASH: Sam and Pat play ball -


Lesson two (Tuesday):

Learning Objective: To use subordinating conjunctions. 


PURPLE MASH: Rainy Day -


Lesson three (Wednesday):

Learning Objective: To understand, identify and use word clasese including nouns, adjectives, verbs and adverbs.


PURPLE MASH: About a wolf -


Lesson four (Thursday):

Learning Objective: To revise different sentence types (statement, question, command and exclamation sentences). 


PURPLE MASH: Toy shelf -