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School Uniform


Grey skirt, trousers or pinafore dress

White blouse or white polo shirt

Green school sweatshirt/cardigan (Yr 6 Red)

Green/white gingham dress

Head scarf - white, green or black (plain with no decoration)

White/grey socks

Green/grey tights

Black school shoes- no boots

Hair - neat styles, long hair to be tied back.



Grey trousers

White shirt/polo shirt

Green school sweatshirt (Yr 6 Red)

School Tie

Black school shoes - no trainers

Hair - short neat styles - no radical hairstyles. It is inappropriate to have designs cut into the hair and any hair cut shorter than a Number 3 is not acceptable. Boys and girls must keep their hair well-groomed and tidy. Hair accessories should be simple and in school colours of black, green, grey or white.


Jewellery - please support the Governors' policy with regards to jewellery; for health & safety reasons it should not be worn.


PE Uniform

Yellow/Gold T- shirt

Black shorts

Black slip on pumps

Pump Bag


All uniform, including PE kits and pumps must be clearly labelled/marked with your child's name and class. We recommend a permanent marker pen or iron on labels which can be obtained from any uniform shop. 


Our School Uniform suppliers are:



754-756 Stratford Road

Springfield Parade


Birmingham B11 4BP




Clive Marks

Units 1-2 Anderton Road

Small Heath

Birmingham B11 1TG